Welcome to the health, seminar & cure "
House of Silence" in Mallorca

Ayurveda as it should be: authentic, competent & healing
In Mallorca's unique Ayurveda health & cure, in the House of Silence, we offer now the merged competence of a specially trained and highly experienced team in the field of classical Panchakarma, as practiced up to the present in the countries of origin, India and Sri Lanka.

The focus is on the wholeness of body, mind and soul
We have implemented our ultimate concept of symbiosis of traditional Ayurveda with advanced knowledge of Integrative Medicine on the Balearic island and invite you to a totally unforgettable Mallorca-cure experience. We maintain strong partnerships in India and Sri Lanka, may thus draw on a vast wealth of experience. They are supported by a highly motivated and friendly team of our multicultural family in an Asian oasis, on a comfortable finca. With this profound experience and proven knowledge of Ayurveda, we have established our health and cure center.

Healing is experienced as wellness, and wellness as an effective Ayurvedic healing
Unfortunately, Ayurveda is far too frequently compared to a pure spa treatment and is completely misunderstood in Europe; but it has much more substance, such as our very special team in the field of Panchakarma, under medical supervision of Dr. med. Prokop & Ayurveda Professor Susil de Silva are proving...