Ayurveda Mallorca Yoga Meditation

Ayurveda Mallorca® Specials

In addition to the courses and cures offered, Ayurveda Mallorca also offers a wide range of possibilities for those who want to become acquainted with Ayurveda for the first time, or who already have specific experience and would like to personally use a few selected applications..


Complete: 300,00 €
plus daily room: 350,00 €

Appointments by prior arrangement (e-mail) - also as a gift or voucher

Outpatient consultations & treatments

Our Ayurvedic doctors also arrange individual appointments by appointment. In an individual consultation with a thorough anamnesis and ayurvedic diagnosis (pulse, tongue, eyes) a profound constitution determination takes place.
On this basis, treatment recommendations and dietary advice are identified and explained, as well as Ayurvedic herbal preparations prescribed.

First consultation: 90,00 €
Repeated consultation: 65,00 €

For the therapeutic treatment, e.g. for pain symptoms, physical limitations, etc. Complaints, we offer various forms of treatment: classical physiotherapy, Ayurvedic Marma Point therapy and acupuncture.

Cost per treatment (about 45 minutes): 70,00 €

Appointments by prior arrangement (e-mail)

Ayurvedic cooking classes

Our Ayurvedic specialty cooks (India / Sri Lanka) offer you a practical introduction to the Vedic cuisine and diet. You will learn about the most important herbs and spices of Ayurveda and find out what to look for when preparing the health-promoting dishes.
Then you grab yourself to the cutlery and try for yourself how good and delicious Ayurveda tastes!

cooking class (English)
including dinner: 95,00 €

Participation and time arrangements by prior agreement (e-mail)

"The Art of Wellbeing" - Program

For your personal balance, our trained trainer and therapist Ariane Bähr with her focus on yoga, pilates and personal training also offers the possibility of one-to-one tuition:

Yoga Class: 90,00 €
Pilates (60 Min.): 80,00 € Personal Training (60 Min.): 90,00 €

These very special offers for individual fitness & calmness are supplemented by further offers for individual and group lessons:

Original Indian Meditation (60 Min.): 65,00 €
Conventional Back School (60 Min.): 85,00 €

Participation and time arrangements by prior agreement (e-mail)


For the noticeable and visible revitalization and rejuvenation of the skin we offer traditional treatments with exclusive ayurvedic cosmetic products and valuable herbal compositions. With the type-specific, individually designed revitalization and harmonization of the fabric structures, you will not only experience an intense feel-good experience, but will also enjoy your natural beauty and sustainable charisma.

AyurBeauty - Cure

For this purpose, we have developed from the combined experience of our Ayurvedic doctors from India and Sri Lanka, German medical and naturopathic practitioners, as well as relaxation and cosmetic specialists, a very unique program that on elements of the medical Rasayana cure and the applications of natural cosmetics based.
After the determination of the constitution the agreement of a very personal beauty program with ayurvedic treatments (eg Abhyanga, Mukhabyanga, Shiroabhangya, Padabhyanga) and ayurvedic cosmetic treatments (such as face, neck, décolleté massages, cleansing and exfoliation, herbal compresses and Facial mask) - approx. 2 hours daily