Vedic nutrition, Kitchen & Cooking Classes

The Vedic cuisine is the soul of Ayurveda, since our food is the most important medicine that we take regularly. Part of the Ayurvedic medicine is the very specific role of nutritional teachings, where also the three Doshas play very important roles that develop individual dietary recommendations for each type of constitution.

These counsels are determined personally during the initial ayurveda medical consultation with our spa guests as well as further explained during the nutritional counseling and cooking classes. The Ayurvedic food menus, available in our all-inclusive booking, are the result of several years of cooperation between our two Vedic chefs Mr. Rakesh (India) & Mr. Jagath (Sri Lanka), which have already surprised some gourmets.
The dishes are freshly prepared, individually and according to dosha compiled and presented.
Their effectiveness is amplified through the necessary original products and recipes from the countries of origin of ayurvedic medicine.

VEAT / VSAMT seal of quality for the following areas:

Ayurvedic medicine (diagnosis, medical consultation, Panchakarma, clinical therapy)
Ayurveda therapy (oil treatment, herbal and manual therapy)
Ayurvedic counseling (diet/nutrition, lifestyle, psychology)
Ayurvedic Wellbeing (health enhancement, massage and spa)