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The competence center for authentic Ayurvedic Treatments in Mallorca is counting on alternative individually designed health strategies and sustainable healing concepts. Classic gentle treatments for the regeneration and detoxification, deceleration and anti- aging, practiced as competent as the strict Ayurvedic and integrative medical applications of Panchakarma and the ManaSanthi.

Traditional Shamana cure

Classic gentle detoxification and "slowing down" harmonizes and activates self-healing, regeneration and strengthening of the immune system, as well as the reception of new energy for body, mind & soul. Restoring inner balance is the centerpiece of this short, but very intensive Ayurveda treatment.

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Langhana - Therapeutic fasting regimen with Ayurveda & Yoga 

The often during spring applied fasting method is used in Ayurvedic purification and cleaning of tissue as well as the strengthening of the metabolism and boosting the immune system, as well as a diet during and after serious illnesses. It initiates a comprehensive restructuring of the subcutaneous tissue, thereby causing a newfound vitality and lightness. 

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Classic Rasayana Spa

Ayurvedic anti-aging program with general rejuvenation effect to stimulate and sustain revitalization of body cells and regenerate the energy balance.
The holistic recovery and strengthening of the health also causes a natural increase of performance and vitality.

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Special Marma-Point-Therapy

The Marma Point Therapy is one of the great healing secrets of Ayurveda, the art of treating very special vital points on the human body. It is used to detoxify the body, to strengthen and revitalize, to rejuvenate and relax or to release energy blockages. The treatment of these universal energy points find special application, which we can also find in other medical fields, such as acupuncture or shiatsu, in pain therapy; even with long-term complaints of organic or vegetative nature.

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Original PanchaKarma

It is the supreme discipline of Ayurveda with a targeted intensive cleansing, detoxification and strengthening of health constitution and immune system through the development of a personal treatment program consisting of traditional applications (Kerala Panchakarma). These treatments are generally performed under medical supervision and area also giving opportunities for individual preparation and follow-up for our spa guests.

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ManaSanthi cure

The strengthening of the spiritual and psychological resilience is the focus of this special treatment. Its main aim is building and, in conjunction with the Panchakarma, strengthening physical constitution with specific Ayurvedic coaching supplements (combination of yoga and mental coaching, talk therapy and meditation, NLP and breathing techniques).
The Ayurvedic accompaniment in this program is the resolution for mental exhaustion and emotional tension, specifically symptoms of stress, conflicts, anxieties or depression
and provides an effective burnout prevention.

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Ayurvedic medicine (diagnosis, medical consultation, Panchakarma, clinical therapy)
Ayurveda therapy (oil treatment, herbal and manual therapy)
Ayurvedic counseling (diet/nutrition, lifestyle, psychology)
Ayurvedic Wellbeing (health enhancement, massage and spa)