The Ayurveda Resort "House of Silence"

The popular Mediterranean island of Mallorca presents itself quite diversely: sandy beaches, bays and mountain landscapes, vineyards and orange valleys, olive groves and almond orchards; natural and historical sights, quiet sleepy villages and bustling crowds in the strongholds of mass tourism.
The Ayurveda Finca is situated in the Mediterranean cultural landscape "Es Pla" and forms pretty much the geographical center of the natural sanatorium Mallorca; in the mystical triangle of the surrounding shrines, monasteries and hermitages.
In this harmonious Ayurvedic oasis, with its unique flora and stunning views into the wide valley, every guest can find rest and renew his/her strengths.


Guest rooms at the "House of Silence" are set up in oriental design of the Majorcan Natural Stone buildings to harmonise with the exotic character of the Ayurvedic retreat. It was in particular a successful fusion of the original, Mediterranean architectural style with modern technology and sanitary facility. The house is equipped with ceramic tiles and underfloor heating, and therefore offers at any season a well-tempered and cozy atmosphere.
The exclusivity of the complex with only 10 rooms allows you to feel and live Ayurveda in all its completeness - with plenty of room for body, mind and soul. Far from the island-tourism, this spiritual power place will make one feel very secure, quiet relaxed and lets one recharge the batteries. Around the "House of Silence" one will find serene and secluded places, with sitting areas on the sun terraces, relaxation by the pool or hammocks in the shade of palm and citrus trees, where some of the guests might forget about time.

10 guest rooms (single / double): Integrated bathrooms / shower / WC, towels, bathrobes, care products, hair dryer and yoga mats available.
The following room types are available:
Double room „Casa“ in the house
Double room „Park“ with terrace and access to the outside.
Furthermore, there is one barrier-free room (on request also for wheelchair users)
1 „suite“ with sunny balcony
1 „stone bungalow“ (within the park area)
Community, Yoga and seminar rooms with an extensive library, are available as well as designated areas for mobile phone & laptop users and smokers, to meet the Ayurvedic principle of a holistic peace, relaxation and regeneration in "House of Silence".
The consumption of alcoholic stimulants and beverages as well as any drugs is not permitted throughout the whole resort.

VEAT / VSAMT seal of quality for the following areas:

Ayurvedic medicine      (diagnosis, medical consultation, Panchakarma, clinical therapy)
Ayurveda therapy          (oil treatment, herbal and manual therapy)
Ayurvedic counseling   (diet/nutrition, lifestyle, psychology)
Ayurvedic Wellbeing     (health enhancement, massage and spa)